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As seen on tv Fast Heating Hair Curling Iron,high quality curling iron

As seen on tv Fast Heating Hair Curling Iron,high quality curling iron

As seen on tv Fast Heating Hair Curling Iron,high quality curling iron Details

As seen on tv Fast Heating Hair Curling Iron,high quality curling iron

Model: MY-SI

Main Features

•  Ceramic coating barrel (20mm)

•  PTC heater and fast heating

•  Swivel handle and handle lock function

•  With LED indicator when power is on

• Temperature can reach 200 degree

•  360 degree swivel power cord

• 1.8m PVC power cable and American plug





 tourmaline ceramic

Temperature calibration:



we can do as your requirement





Loading Qty:

 16260pcs/20'  / 33780pcs/40'  / 39600pcs/40HQ

Ctn Size:




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The importance of the healing crisis cannot be underestimated. Yet the true cold and flu are a blessing in disguise as they give the body the opportunity and needed advantage to rest and detoxify. The body does this occasionally in an attempt to clean out. It is your gift to be well and get well naturally.

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Eat a lot of Snack Maker Suppliers every day, not just a token banana or apple. Get familiar with juicing and juice every day for an extra phytonutrient boost.

If you haven't been diagnosed but are concerned about symptoms you should call for an appointment to see your doctor; and if you're a man older than 50 who has never been screened for prostate cancer (by rectal exam and/or PSA level determination) or not had a regular annual exam, or have had a family history of prostate cancer, make an appointment soon. If possible eliminate all hormone-containing foods like meat and dairy from your diet. Make sure to read everything you can about natural and conventional treatment online and offline. Radiation therapy to the prostate gland is eit...